About us

Politics Rewired is a collective of software developers and digital organizers building technology to help the Left win and wield power.

Our story

Politics Rewired got started on the Bernie 2020 campaign, launching the fork of Spoke used by Bernie 2020’s peer-to-peer texting program, which sent an unprecedented 260 million messages and helped redefine the possibilities for distributed organizing.

Following the campaign, our team began to grow. We’re engineers and organizers who have been in the trenches for Bernie, Justice Democrats, DSA, AOC, and dozens of down- ballot campaigns and grassroots organizations.

We know what it’s like to put in 10, 12, or 14 hour days on a campaign and to have to spend half your time on tedious administrative tasks, instead of building strong relationships, designing better systems, or sleeping. We could see that organizing didn’t have to be this way and that technology built by organizers and for organizers could make all the difference.

Who we work with

We are not a politically neutral tech vendor. We want our tools to be used to grow the Left into a force that can challenge political and economic elites and build a society that works for the many, not the few. In practice, that means being selective about the candidates and organizations with whom we work.

For political campaigns

We work with the leftmost viable candidate in any given race. In a partisan general election, this virtually always means the Democrat running against a Republican. In a Democratic or nonpartisan primary election or top-two runoff election, this often means an insurgent progressive or socialist candidate running against a more establishment centrist or conservative candidate.

Every time we receive a new client request from a candidate’s campaign, we research the race and ask ourselves three questions:

  • Do they have the most progressive platform?
  • Do they have the most movement support?
  • Are they viable?

Based on the answers, our team decides whether to approve the candidate as a client or not.

For political Organizations

We evaluate their mission, their membership, and their methods. We’re excited to support movement organizations building bottom-up power for popular demands, and encourage the use of our tool for meaningful connections and asks, rather than spam. There are countless different kinds of organizations, and just as we do with candidates, we research each one with care.

There’s no magic formula for making these decisions, many of which are quite complex. Our commitment is to consider anyone interested in working with us and to follow a principled process that ensures that we lead with our politics and stay true to our goal of building a more just, free, and equal world.

Meet the team

We are a worker-owned cooperative motivated by politics, not profits. We’re in this fight to support the campaigns, organizations, and unions doing the work to organize millions of ordinary people to create a more free and equal world.

Join our team

Politics Rewired is a worker-owned cooperative designing human and technological solutions for organizers. We work with organizers to streamline workflows so that they can focus on what they do best: building systems and relationships.

We work with political campaigns, unions, and movement organizations, with a deliberate emphasis on supporting Left insurgents and building independent Left infrastructure.

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